Lobby/Cat Colony Pink Room/Bathroom Dog Building Main Dog Yard Purple Room/Cat Colony
Roberta Gill Catio Cat Intake/Isolation Laundry/Additional ISO Colony Care/Tub Area  

Welcome to CASA. We are on the corner of East Camano Dr. and Can Ku Rd. on beautiful Camano Island. We are just a bridge away from Stanwood.
Our building is quite deceiving from the outside, as it looks huge. We only occupy a very small fraction of the large tall building on the right hand side. We operate out of this county-owned building on a strip of land which other county departments are on, including the Camano Annex and the Camano Precinct of the Island County Sheriff's Dept.. The parks maintenance crew is the main occupant of the large right hand building.

As you walk in to the shelter you are immediately greeted by cats in the main colony. The mass majority of our adoptable cats roam the public areas of the shelter and are able to perch in a spot of their choosing. In the lobby we also have luxury kitty condos for cats who are scared of other cats, don't care to commingle with other cats, cats on medication or special diets, and sometimes kittens who are too small to roam the lobby safely.

Those who are no stranger to CASA know our space is incredibly limited and we use every room wisely. This includes the bathroom, which doubles as a room for kittens, puppies, shy kitties, or other special needs animals as needed. This room also serves as our microchip clinic room and is sealed off from the lobby during those events.


The dog kennel building contains 11 indoor dog runs on one side, which each have an adjoining outside run via a dog door. We have 5 other runs which do not have an outdoor section and are on the opposite side. They are only used when the other 11 are occupied. Our building is older and without a lot of space, but it is insulated, heated, comfortable, and our fairly large kennels provide the dogs more private space than many other shelters.

CURRENTLY UNDER CONSTRUCTION: (Sept. 2018) We are currently remodeling our dog kennel building! Thanks to a very generous memorial contribution we were finally able to order new glass kennel suites which will create a more welcoming and clean envoronment for dogs and people alike.

Our main dog yard is directly in back of the shelter lobby and can be seen from the lobby window and the Purple Cat Room. Our main yard went through a major remodel thanks to the estate of Roberta Gill. Prior to having this yard covered volunteers and potential adopters were limited to niceer days if they wanted to interact off-leash with shelter dogs. This was really hard on the dogs who were less likely to be adopted becasue of this limitation, but also to staff and volunteers who wanted to work with them more in order to ready them for adoption. Before this yard was covered there was no area sheltered from rain for dogs to be off-leash. Stop by the shelter to see our UV resistant roof over the concrete area of the yard and the new large CATIO.

The "Purple Room" is a wide open cat area with cat "cloud" perches on the wall, large cat trees, seating for visitors and many cats needing attention and a lap. We have now added a large CATIO off of this room which sits off into the large dog yard area. This is a fabulous addition to this room which the cats and guests are already enjoying. Although the Catio is cat-secure, it is not yet completed.


The Catio is cat-secure and has been life-changing for the cats and kittens that come to CASA.It is most popular in the warmer months, but even in the colder periods the cats still get to enjoy it when they choose to for shorter periods. This incredible patio roof and Catio was made possible by the generous gift from the estate of Roberta Gill. We are incredible honored to have received such a gift and the animals which come through our doors for years to come will enjoy these upgraded spaces. Upgrade work by American Patio Covers and AWR Inc.



It is quite common that we also house sensitive, very small and/or geriatric dogs in this area. They get to lounge around on their beds loose in the area. (Paris the Chihuahua, Tasha the Mal/Shepherd, Fiddler a visiting Alumnus)

Our Laundry area is more like the shelter nucleus. Its the central area where everything seems to spider off of. This room has the only closet/storage area in the entire shelter - and its tiny. This is where every stitch of laundry is washed and where vaccines, towels, blankets, and other stored items live. This room also contains four wall kennels for cats who are cleared to leave ISO, but who may not be able to enter the lobby kennels or the colony yet. This room sometimes becomes the overflow area where we end up rolling in cat towers or extra kennels when our numbers become high. This room contains our only real utility sink for cleaning litter boxes, bowls, and other items. All other items are washed in the small lobby sink or the tub.

This room is referred to as "ISO". This is where we intake stray and surrendered cats, triage, medical assessments, blood draws, some in-house labs like FeLV/FIV blood tests and skin scrapes, medicate, vaccinate, and take care of other medical needs. We do not do our own surgeries of any kind at the shelter. We are too small and do not have the resources for that at this time. We rely on the local veterinary clinics to perform all surgeries, x-rays, and other medical work.

A small medical area for colony/adoptable cats. There is also a tub off to the right for washing litter boxes, dogs, and other items as needed.


 "The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated" -Gandhi