Although we will never view our animals as statistics
we do want to share our 2017 accomplishments with you in our effort to save lives.

At the shelter each day we focus on every individual animal and never our "numbers". It isn't until the year comes to a close that we sit down and see what our Live Release Rate was for the year. Although this is a very important number that many people wish to know, it is often not fully understood by the public, and it also shouldn't be a shelter's sole focus. Each year we fight very hard for imperfect and/or ailing animals that find themselves at our shelter. Thanks to the hard working staff, volunteers, veterinarians, foster homes, and partner organizations our annual shelter numbers are amazing - especially considering the very small size of our shelter facility and the number of special cases we take in each year.

686 animals came through our shelter in 2017

Strays (Impounds via Sheriff/ACO) 25
(25 dogs)
Strays (brought in via citizen) 177
(51 dogs, 125 cats, 1 turtle)
Owner Surrenders 258
(120 dogs, 136 cats, 1 guinea pig, 1 rabbit)
Returned Adoptions 35
(27 dogs, 7 cats, 1 rabbit)
Transfer in (from local shelters) 191
(111 dogs, 75 cats, 1 rabbit)
Adopted 575
(262 dogs, 303 cats, 4 chinchillas, 1 ferret,
3 guinea pigs, 4 rabbits, 1 turtle)
Reclaimed to Owner 59
(55 dogs, 4 cats)
Died 14
(14 cats - usually all struggling underage kittens)
Euthanized* 13
(3 dogs, 10 cats)
Missing 1
(feral cat escaped)
Live Release Rate formula is percent of Live Outcomes to Total Outcomes. Nationally recognized standard is any shelter that saves above 90% of animals is indicative that the shelter is doing everything they can to save all healthy and treatable animals that come into their care.
Dogs 99.1%
Cats 97.5%

* CASA does not euthanize for space, convenience, or treatable illness and injury. Euthanasia is truly a last resort.

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